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Soaking Your Toothbrush Can Help You Sanitize It
After brushing our teeth, we rinse our toothbrush to remove any residue, but that may not entirely remove residue on the bristles. If someone in your family is sick, you may also be wondering how to remove any bacteria on the bristles. If it's been less than three months since you purchased the toothbrush, you may be interested in sanitizing your toothbrush in order to remove any food particles, toothpaste, or lingering bacteria.

One of the easiest ways to sanitize a toothbrush is to use an antibacterial (or antimicrobial) mouthwash. Simply place your toothbrush into a small glass with the bristles down, full enough to cover the bristles with the mouthwash. Before brushing, rinse the toothbrush thoroughly, then use it as normal.

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